Frequently Asked Buyer Questions

How do I know my Realtor is taking me to the right homes? Tell your realtor what your dream house is, within reason. Make sure he or she HEARS you. If this person shows you something else consistently - you've got the wrong agent.

How important is it to look at a house that is properly staged? This could be very important in order for you to see how this house can be set up for your needs But also make sure your realtor can show you how to make each house work for your particular needs and make sure you understand how this house can grow and change in the future as your needs change.  Flexibility is key if you don't want to move too often.

Should I have my own representation? Yes, it’s important. But sometimes when you have a team or group who works together, you can get a great fit for representation as well. The buyer's agent works with you when you are buying. The listing agent team member works with you when you are selling. If you like this team, you never have to leave it and go elsewhere.

Should I build a pool? If you want a pool, it's best to find a house with a pool. However, if you can't find the house with a pool already in place, be sure to understand that when you put that pool in, you will not recoup much of what you spend on that pool when you sell it. Ask your agent what it costs to build a pool in the area in which you are looking (different soils - different price point).

Who pays for a Buye';s Agent? Buyer's agents can be paid by either party, however, WE seek our payment from the seller as they have the fee built into their agreement with the listing agent. Even though the seller pays the commission, the buyer's agent represents the buyer.

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