I recently saw an article that said “Staging is out for 2009”.  I went on to read the rest of the catchy item to find out exactly what the author was talking about.  He said something to the effect of this…putting out a couple of fake plants and some towels to “stage” a house is out.  Well I’ve got news for the author…that’s not staging.


Staging requires a well thought-out plan to bring a looker into a house, get him/her to stay awhile and finally get a decision to purchase.  If those objectives are not met, then staging is, as our unknown author says, a waste of time and possibly money.


As part of the service of The Marci Barton Group, we do a thorough investigation of the competition for your property, take pre-listing photos, plot the return on any dollars that might be spent (not for our service because it comes with us) on paint, purchases or repairs and do the math.  If there’s no return on TIME as well as INVESTMENT we don’t consider making changes except for possibly rearrangement of what’s already in place.  However, 9 times of out 10, there is staging to do and some work to be done to create rooms that people would be happy to call their own.


Marci and Kimberly are both artists as well as realtors which makes them uniquely qualified to see the proper balance in a room.  It’s that proper balance that makes a room sing.  Marci has gone to school to get her Staging credentials.  Kimberly studied fine art in College.  Colleen also has an eye for design and what’s good and not so good in a room.  Her degrees have taken to places that give her a sense of balance and harmony that’s so important in a room.  Sabrina knows the value of staging.  Since joining the Marci Barton Group she’s been involved in staging several homes with Marci and the difference was amazing.  Proper staging works. 


Marci is took her staging courses through the inventor of “staging” Barb Schwarz.  The staging website will give you more answers to questions you might have about having your property staged before you sell.  The difference between The Marci Barton Group and other Stagers you might use – is Marci’s service is free when her Group markets your property.


We will put some of our staging photos on this site for you to see the difference in our houses as compared to others.  Pay particular attention to our virtual tours available here on our site as well.  Part of the reason for staging is to get a potential buyer to want to take the logical next step – actually viewing the property “live”.


When you as a buyer work with us, we will give you decorating tips to “stage” your home for your lifestyle.  It works both ways and any way you look at it – working with The Marci Barton Group means YOU WIN.

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